Christian Education teaches boys, girls, men and women about Jesus Christ and how to have a personal relationship with God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

9:00 a.m. - Sunday Church School
Classes For Everyone.....Men, Women, Teens & Children
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July 2017 Church School Lessons
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"That's Not Fair"
July 2, 2017
Background: Exodus 3; Print: Exodus 3:1-12;

Key Verse: Exodus 3:9-10; Devotional: 2 Chronicles 19:4-7

"Who, Me?"
July 9, 2017
Background: Isaiah 6; Print: Isaiah 6:1-8;
Key Verse: Isaiah 6:8; Devotional: Isaiah 66:18-23

"You Can Do It"
July 16, 2017
Background: Jeremiah 1; Print: Jeremiah 1:4-10;
Key Verse: Jeremiah 1:8; Devotional: Psalm 75

"Speak The Truth Anyway"
July 23, 2017
Background: Ezekiel 1-3; Print: Ezekiel 3:1-11;
Key Verse: Ezekiel 3:10, 11; Devotional: Ezekiel 17:22-24


Christian Life and Service Series (C.L.A.S.S.) - 9:00 a.m. Sunday or By Appointment
  • 101 - Discovering Church Membership
  • 201 - Discovering Spiritual Maturity
  • 301 - Discovering My Ministry
  • 401 - Discovering My Mission 

Bible Study/Discovery Night
  • 10:00 a.m. - Wednesday Bible Study
  •    6:00 p.m. - Wednesday Bible Study - Discovery Night
  •    6:00 p.m. - Wednesday Children/Youth Bible Study - Good News Club


 MEDCCE (Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education)
The Metropolitan District Congress of Christian Education is responsible for the promotion of the Christian education through the local churches. 

All Christian educational classes are held at 8:45 a.m. at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (2080 W. Grand Boulevard at Grand River in Detroit) starting the third Saturday in September and each second Saturday of October through March.

Pre-Registration is available now for the 2016-2017 Regular Session. You can get registration forms from Superintendent Hutcherson or you may register on-line at and click on the "Congress of Christian Education" link.

2016-2017 Regular Session Course List (September 2016-April 2017)

1001 Introduction to the Bible - Textbook: Introduction to the Bible/Guns
Instructor: Sister Joyce Martin-Hutcherson

Introduce the sixty-six (66) books of the Bible, its origin, and the important events, periods, and personalities that led to the development of the Bible in its present form.

1007 Introduction to the Old Testament - Textbook: Survey of the Old Testament/Benware
Instructor: Rev. Beverly McCutcheon

Included in this survey will be a general overview of the divisions, times, places--with emphasis on the nation of Israel, events, people, and archaeology of the Old Testament.

3007 History of Baptist - Textbook: Baptist Roots/Freeman
Instructor: Rev. Will Hawk

Examine the roots of the Baptist faith. Students will study the historical development of the Baptist denomination.

3008 Theology & History of Christianity - Textbook: Story of the Christian Church/Hurlbut
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Floyd Davis

Outline the development of the Christian movement from the beginning of Jesus' ministry on Earth to present times. Focus on the history, theology, culture, and times that enable Christianity to develop and grow. Prominent persons who influenced the Christian movement will be identified.

4012 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit - Textbook: The Presence and Work of the Holy Spirit/Torrey
Instructor: Dr. Willie White

Study the person and work of the Holy Spirit. A through look at the corresponding doctrines that influence our understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. Identify this doctrine of the church with a holistic understanding of salvation, with special emphases on justification, redemption, and sanctification.

5012 Becoming and Effective Deacon - Textbook: Deacons, Servant Models in the Church/Webb
Instructor: Rev. Burnard Byles

Assist the deacon in becoming aware of his biblical base. Ideas are given that will enable them to more effectively perform their duties and work harmoniously with the pastor and other church leaders.

7010 Introduction to Discipleship - Textbook: Spiritual Discipleship/Sanders
Instructor: Rev. Richard White III

Introduce the believer to the biblical principle of discipleship. Examine the character traits of believers, while looking at the overall examples of Jesus. Study discipleship methods of Jesus and the difference between discipleship and membership.

8018 The Ministry of Church Nursing - Textbook: A Sacred Covenant/O'Brien
Instructor: Dr. Toni Grant

Study the services provided by the nursing ministry of the church. Needs of this ministry, with special emphasis placed on the tasks appropriate for local church ministry, will be addressed. Health-care resources and possible church health-related activities will be identified, including procedures for setting up a health fair and other programs to address the health needs of the community.

8035 The African-American Church & Social Justice - Textbook: To Serve This Present Age/Ayers & Williams
Instructor: Rev. Leroy Burden

Investigate the lives, theology, and methods of the great servants of God who dedicated their lives in the struggle for liberation of people. Discuss the role of the African-American church in the struggle for the liberation of people.

9008 Public Speaking - Textbook: From Dull to Dynamic
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Patricia Butler

Identify the process and principles for writing speeches and delivering them in public. Relay basic verbal and nonverbal communications skills that will enable the students to effectively communicate with audiences of all sizes.

9024 Computers in the Life of the Church - Textbook: 40 Days & 40 Bytes/Spiegel
Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Elyse, Ph.D.

Train pastors, office workers, Christian educators, and others who want to utilize computer technology in the church. Issues in administration, setting up computer labs, tutorials on Bible study, as well as membership record keeping and nurture will be covered in this course.

9909 Fundamentals of Preaching in the African-American Church - Textbook: The Preacher's Journey/Collier
Instructor: Rev. Richard Richardson

Examine the basic characteristics of African-American preaching (style, mannerisms, gestures, etc.). This course is designed to reveal that art style and pass it on for posterity.

SP0015 Specialization Church Administration - Textbook: Church Administration in the Black Perspective/ Massey & McKinney
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Anthony King, Sr.

This course will reflect upon the purpose and objectives of the church, and then lead the students in developing a plan for ministry. It will include an introduction to such areas of interest as human resources, finance management, administrative controls, and supervisory responsibilities.

Workshops: Say Yes To No Debt - Textbook: dfree, Breaking Free From Financial Freedom
Instructor: Rev. Ronald Burks

This course presents a ground-breaking, life-changing, spiritual approach to financial wellness that moves the student from debt, deficits, and delinquencies to deposits, dividends, and deeds. Students will learn step by step, how to break free from financial slavery with the freedom to travel, purchase a home, and enjoy retirement without the burden of paying excess monthly bills.

Ministers Wives/ Textbook: TBD
Instructor: Rev. Rosetta O'Neal

Life... What's Up With Yours / Youth (Ages 75-17) - Textbook: Life...What's Up With Yours? C. NaTasha Richburg
Instructor: Rev. Kenneth Pierce II

Youth Ministry
Directress: Sister Madlyne Dansby (Ages 13-17)

Children's Ministry
Directness: Sister Stephaine Williams  (Ages 5-12)

Adult Practicum for Youth Workers (How to Work with Children)
Instructor: Rev. Pecola Bell

Choir Workshop (Youth, Young Adults & Adults).

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